Words escape me
Liebe ist... schmerzhaft, langwidrig und unnötig

Heute wird erst mal der Hund geduscht, nachdem vorgestern und gestern nur für Klausuren gelernt wurde wird mir der Spaß gut tun, auch wenn es gewisse Dinge gibt die... naja die einfach da sind, und die man nicht ignorieren oder ändern kann..
2.12.09 17:58


to be honest, you hurt me. alot.

and when that happened

something inside me just shut off.

im sorry.


I think I'm afraid to be happy, because whenever you get too happy
something bad happens.
[ Charlie Brown ]

It's like once you've been hurt
you're so scared to get attached
again like you have this fear that
every person you start to like is
going to break your heart.

What made you decide to start talking to me again?
What made you think that it was okay for you to try to come back into my life,
when you hurt me so badly? Do you really think that I just got over it?
Because I didn't. Maybe you should've thought've that before you try anything else.

breathe in, breathe out;
until the feeling's gone.
but the nights keep getting colder
& the days all feel the same.

13.12.09 20:17

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